Watch Have Wine and Travel

Watch Have Wine and Travel

Up Next in New York State International Film Festival

  • The Runaway

    In the frigid winter of 1933, an aimless young drifter hops a freight train headed toward what he hopes will be his salvation. However, when he is trapped and nearly caught by a Santa Fe brakeman, he starts to come to terms with his reality.

  • Black Box

    Black Box” is a coming of age story where growth is accomplished through the death of a loved one, and a past self. AMELIA is a freshman in college, whose closest friend is her great aunt TILLY, who is terminally ill and eventually passes away. Amelia, grieving, wants to find her voice, but has d...

  • Dishonour

    A five year old girl is caught in middle of a struggle between her recently widowed father and his elderly aunt who disagree on how best to adapt to the customs and laws of their newly adopted home in the United Kingdom. The aunt’s failure to abandon ancient African tribal traditions, including t...