Watch In Their Nature

Watch In Their Nature

Up Next in New York State International Film Festival

  • It's Look Sunshine, 이추룩 썬샤인

    The main character, Young-eun, lives with her mother, a haenyo diver, in fishing village on Jeju Island. She learns eco-friendly photography from her friend Seung-hwan, who is a beachcomber. One day, her mother gets caught in a discarded net submerged in the sea and drowns. Young-eun moves away f...

  • The Rejected

    A woman who lives alone at home wants to get rid of her unborn baby by applying an abortion. But that won't be as easy as she thinks.

  • Thanks Superman

    Hayati is a supermarket worker in his own way. He is always 
despised by customers , boss and colleagues. Someday he saves the lives of Evren, when the car hits him in front of the market. After that, Hayati’s life changes. Wherever he is located, an event begins to happen. He becomes the superhe...