Watch Trap

Watch Trap

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  • Method

    A Machiavellian acting teacher pushes an aspiring actor to her breaking point with his unconventional “method.

  • Rock Bottom

    The perils of fast-paced celebrity culture are joyfully skewered in this "boogie-infused groove" from Auckland artist Randa (aka Mainard Larkin). Randa becomes an appendage/hostage to success when his belly button transforms into a star vocalist and goes viral. The video is a cautionary tale — Ra...

  • Kaddish

    In 1943, a young Ashkenazim namely Akiva risks a journey through Miechów in Poland in order to fulfill his obligation of honoring his deceased mother on the anniversary of her death. He gets arrested by the Nazis and finds one of his known elderly Rabbi in Nazis custody. The rabbi, who has lost h...