New York State International Film Festival

New York State International Film Festival

Welcome to the 5th annual New York State International Film Festival. Due to Covid-19, we are hosting the festival online. We are happy to share 50 short films that are local, national, and international in all different genres. We are also excited to bring to you different educational Filmmaker panels and a Pitch Fest hosted by Upstate NY Women in Film & TV. Choose from 3 different options. Enjoy the show.

The Festival was founded by Festival Director Nico Altekin Produced by Eric Vollweiler and this year's partners are Upstate NY Women in Film & TV and Haydenfilms Institute.

New York State International Film Festival

50 Videos

  • Exhale

    We observe the heroine in the most critical and significant moment of her life. She has been caught lonely in the wasteland, in conditions that are unsuitable and disturbing for such an irreversible process. Her fearless determination and metaphysical force turn crisis into a positive resolution ...

  • On The Line

    A class of college students get caught in a time loop.

  • Time Can Break Your Heart

    When an older man visits a young woman in a beautiful garden, we come to understand the fragility of memory and the power of love.

  • In Their Nature

    Violet struggles to reconcile with her husband’s infidelity, despite her sister’s insistent meddling, over a weekend at the family cabin. A somber and unsentimental film about navigating the intersections of choice, consequence, and family.

  • It's Look Sunshine, 이추룩 썬샤인

    The main character, Young-eun, lives with her mother, a haenyo diver, in fishing village on Jeju Island. She learns eco-friendly photography from her friend Seung-hwan, who is a beachcomber. One day, her mother gets caught in a discarded net submerged in the sea and drowns. Young-eun moves away f...

  • The Rejected

    A woman who lives alone at home wants to get rid of her unborn baby by applying an abortion. But that won't be as easy as she thinks.

  • Thanks Superman

    Hayati is a supermarket worker in his own way. He is always 
despised by customers , boss and colleagues. Someday he saves the lives of Evren, when the car hits him in front of the market. After that, Hayati’s life changes. Wherever he is located, an event begins to happen. He becomes the superhe...

  • Dreamer

    Lily Cruz, a DACA recipient, travels on a medical volunteer mission and upon returning to the USA a TSA agent isn’t so welcoming.

  • A Super Surprise

    An uncle and his nephews stay at a guesthouse to find a surprise waiting for them.

  • Have Wine and Travel

    A woman battling a hangover gets tangled up with three scientists who are suffering equipment malfunctions.

  • The Runaway

    In the frigid winter of 1933, an aimless young drifter hops a freight train headed toward what he hopes will be his salvation. However, when he is trapped and nearly caught by a Santa Fe brakeman, he starts to come to terms with his reality.

  • Black Box

    Black Box” is a coming of age story where growth is accomplished through the death of a loved one, and a past self. AMELIA is a freshman in college, whose closest friend is her great aunt TILLY, who is terminally ill and eventually passes away. Amelia, grieving, wants to find her voice, but has d...

  • Dishonour

    A five year old girl is caught in middle of a struggle between her recently widowed father and his elderly aunt who disagree on how best to adapt to the customs and laws of their newly adopted home in the United Kingdom. The aunt’s failure to abandon ancient African tribal traditions, including t...

  • Waimea

    Rick and Vivian struggle with the biggest challenge of their married life.

  • The Time in Between the Seconds

    Wendy's recovery from a tragic event leads her to make a selfless decision.

  • Selfish, Dying People

    A young burial plot saleswoman deals with her failing industry, as well as the recent return of her father from the dead, in a world where death is no longer permanent, and more of an inconvenience than anything.

  • Trap

    A young girl fights for a sense of belonging.

  • Method

    A Machiavellian acting teacher pushes an aspiring actor to her breaking point with his unconventional “method.

  • Rock Bottom

    The perils of fast-paced celebrity culture are joyfully skewered in this "boogie-infused groove" from Auckland artist Randa (aka Mainard Larkin). Randa becomes an appendage/hostage to success when his belly button transforms into a star vocalist and goes viral. The video is a cautionary tale — Ra...

  • Kaddish

    In 1943, a young Ashkenazim namely Akiva risks a journey through Miechów in Poland in order to fulfill his obligation of honoring his deceased mother on the anniversary of her death. He gets arrested by the Nazis and finds one of his known elderly Rabbi in Nazis custody. The rabbi, who has lost h...

  • Aim Point

    Subaru Moritani (Waki Katakura) is a cop who is chasing for the criminal who killed her father as when he was also a cop. 
10 years after his death, Subaru waits for her best friend, Nanayo Ohmori (Mika Toyama) at the bar where his father's former buddy Kenzo Deme (Hitomi Matsuda) opened after hi...

  • CR: Complete Reality

    Inspired by his partner’s selfless care, a computer genius born with a rare debilitating skin condition unlocks the disconnect between his mind and body, freeing him from disability; but his determination to cure the world from physical impairments burdens his relationship and his own mind.

  • Here You Are You Here

  • Sorejya Taka

    After having an unexpected crisis, a woman walking the streets of Tokyo reaches out to her friends for human connection. As her attempts increasingly fail, she finds that all the solace she needs can be found within herself.

  • Driven Wild

    Two childhood friends get together after years apart and rehash a past that might have been better to stay forgotten.

  • Distant Interiors

    Observation on a three-generation family and how this unit functions in an enclosed living space.

  • From the Beginning

  • You're a Dead Man

    In this dark comedy, a patient attempts to keep his sanity after being diagnosed with being dead.

  • Fresh

    After accidentally doing a ritual, Emily, a Philosophy student, has to face the biggest moral dilemma of all: kill or be killed.

  • Ironrite

    A 1950s housewife struggles to accept her place in the world, while hiding herself and her young son from an aggressive door-to-door salesman.

  • Video Visions

    Video Visions is the short documentary about Video Visions, one of the last video rental superstores in Upstate New York. In visiting the store in Chatham, NY and speaking with the owner Steve Campbell, the documentary looks at what a video rental store is to the community in the digital / stream...

  • A Strain of Fear

    In the near future, a man drives through the abandoned streets of New York City, facing his own personal fears and the existential threat of a global pandemic.

  • The Outage

    Mark, a teenager, has his sights set on the stars. Finding proof of extraterrestrial life obsesses him over the course of two eventful days.

  • Date With a Demon

    Lying on a sofa a young woman recounts in detail a dream that obsesses her.

  • Crazy

    A journey into my experience with the medication I have taken in order to cope with my mental health.

  • Vortex

    The attempt of portraying one’s self as someone else in the virtual world, leading to loss of one's perception of reality.

  • The Sugar Grocer

    Salih is a neighborhood grocery living alone in a monotonous life. One day with an order coming while Salih is sitting at the grocery store, he will come out of this monotony and experience the most traumatic day of his life.

  • The Road, A Driver's Diary

    A sudden need for cash leads an unemployed director to start driving for Lyft & Uber. Assuming it would be a fun and easy way to make some extra money, the driver soon discovers that the ‘road to riches’ is littered with socially challenged passengers and greedy app-enabled ride-share companies.

  • Otis Tarda

    Uğur (18) is a timid young man. He lives with his mother Gülsüm (47), his step-father Harun (50) and Harun’s daughter from his previous marriage Zeynep (18). 
Harun is a hunting enthusiast and his biggest passion is to hunt down a bird called Toy, which is rarely found in Turkey and strictly forb...

  • The Dispensable

    A short film confronting the disparities of classism, capitalism, equality and human value in the era of COVID-19. As the world grapples with a the novel coronavirus that caused a global pandemic, the clash of economic interests and the public health is brought into stark focus.

  • Static

    After experiencing a horrific loss a woman becomes haunted by visions.

  • Compost

    His parents aren't exactly talkers. Together, life is mundane, but when he's alone, he’s chasing his own sort of high.

  • Five Elizabeths

    Five Elizabeths is an experimental short film about family legends and matrilineal mythology, the psychic shadow of the military industrial complex, and the isolation of personal and actual islands. Filmed on the shore of the former Naval base on Fisher's Island, New York, the film uses movement ...

  • Butterfly Effect

    As deforestation and climate change disturb Belize’s critical rainy season, one organization works to educate children both locally and abroad about the importance of preserving the rainforest, using an unexpected icon: butterflies!

  • About Arif

    Arif with Down syndrome has only one purpose in his life: dancing with a woman. But, all of the his neighbours know that Arif lives in an imaginary world.

  • Limited

    Maria and Milo have always had a peculiar mother-son relationship that had never been questioned. That is until one day its limit is exercised. It is an examination of a tormented mother's attempt to reconcile her differences with her abusive son, and the broken relationships that one person can ...

  • Eat the Rainbow

    EAT THE RAINBOW is a musical fable about an odd yet kind man named Bayani who moves into a conservative suburban neighborhood and disrupts the otherwise comfortable homogeny. He doesn’t look or act like anyone else which causes fear and panic and eventually a demand for him to leave the neighborh...

  • The Tell-Tale Heart - A Musicabre

    A musical adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe's gothic horror story. A man is so disturbed by an old man's "vulture eye" he resolves to murder and dismember him. But the murderer is driven to madness and confession by the incessant beating of the victim's heart under the floor boards.

  • The Tell-Tale Watch

    A murderer's guilt gets the better of him.